Reliable, Affordable Medical Waste Disposal for NJ, NY, NYC, PA Facilities

Orchard Hill Medical Waste Disposal provides a cost-effective and flexible solution to meet your medical waste disposal needs. Whether operating a medical facility, dental practice, veterinary office, laboratory or funeral home, you are responsible for the proper disposal of all biohazardous medical waste until it is destroyed – even after the waste leaves your facility. It is vital to trust in a medical waste disposal company that is fully licensed and insured with a proven track record.

No Binding Contracts. No Pre-Determined Waste Pickups.

Serving New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania since 1987, Orchard Hill Medical Waste Disposal has long been committed to providing reliable and affordable medical waste disposal services that meet our individual client needs without requiring time-binding contracts or pre-determined pickup schedules.

Safe Disposal Practices

A partnership with Orchard Hill affords clients greater peace of mind in knowing that their medical waste is disposed of in an environmentally-conscious manner, by incineration and in strict compliance with all state and federal regulations. In addition to minimizing environmental pollution and infectious risk, relying on Orchard Hill’s experienced and knowledgeable team ensures the safe disposal of medical waste which reduces your legal liability, eliminates health threats to patients and personnel and safeguards your company reputation.

For a free estimate or to learn more about our medical waste disposal services call us toll free at 888-317-5860.

Orchard Hill, licensed in NY, NJ and PA disposes of medical waste in an environmentally conscious manner with a strict adherence to state and federal regulations.  For more Medical Waste Regulatory information, please click the links according to your appropriate state.

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New Jersey: Click here to view.
NJ Generator Registration Form: Apply here.
Pennsylvania: Click here to view.